SkavtNet is a web domain for SKAVTI – Slovenian Scouting Organization, with it’s own team of people, who take care of all the content publishing, updating and even photo/video coverage for events involving the organization.

They had an idea to make their own t-shirts and I was glad to help.

// T-SHIRT design

When starting with the project, I somehow got a catchy slogan in my head: “Scout and i’m proud!”. They liked it too, so I used it and made a little knot (scouts are known for tieing knots) in the letter P, and on this knot I hung a computer mouse – the main tool of SkavtNet’s team members.

They already had a logo, so I just made it a little more flat and modern looking and put it on back of the shirt.

“Scout and i’m proud!” phrase kind of caught on and later, so I made a more general version of the same t-shirt, without the logo on the back and a Swiss Army Knife instead of computer mouse:

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