Music album by Stična Band – a christian rock band, who play worship songs in a less traditional way than our granparents. This was one of those projects where the band just said: “We need a design for our music album. Do something good.” So I did.

On the front cover, I wanted to create the feel of infinite universe and microphone as a planet, a point in the middle of it – referring to the album title and music as a form of connection and communication with higher power.
Color scheme is a combination of black/white and orange/red, giving it a bit of a rock vibe and also an intimate and emotional feel – just like the songs on the album. Booklet contains lyrics and band info.
CONCERT / STUDIO photography

I shot band’s concert prior to the release of the album and we also shot a few photos while recording songs in a music studio. Many of these were then used for the album.

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