I designed quite a few t-shirts throughout the years. Here are a some of various quick projects, where someone just needed simple t-shirt print design for event or a gift.

// T-SHIRT design


“Solar powered human” was a birthday gift. Evidently, owner of this t-shirt is crazy about solar cells, so I made it look like he is also powered by solar cells on his chest. Be careful not to touch the button!


“Poj si pesem” (Sing a song) was slogan for the event “IV Izziv 2017”, so I pictured an audio cassette (even though most of kids today have no idea what this is) and made it look like the tape is flying out and is forming the slogan.


Another event t-shirt, where all I got to work with was this funny looking spiral and a logo, so I tried to use it the best I could and started playing with splashed color to make some sort of contrast.

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